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Dr Abreza
Dr Abreza, Doctor (MD)
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It is Saturday morning. My husband came home last night from

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It is Saturday morning. My husband came home last night from travel with all the symptons of the flu. Headache, chills, temp of 100, cough, sorethroat and congestion. He doesn't want to go to an ER (and I don't think this is an ER issue). What is the best way for me to help him with the flu? I am giving him Orange Juice, water, and other fluids, tylenol, Nyquil (dayqUIL) and he asked me for an icepack for his headache.

Should I be doing anything else to help him? He is sleeping and I am making him stay quiet and rest.

You have hydrated him well. I agree with you that he needs a lot of rest.
To relieve his congestion you can try steam inhalation. Please put some menthol for better effect. Every 4 hours give him a bowl of cereals or soup with 2 pieces of bread to strenghten him.
When he wakes up give him a hot shower to freshen himself.
Please supplements him with vitamin c for about a week.
He needs a lot of tender loving care.
Thank you
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