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Dr. D. Evans
Dr. D. Evans, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 4464
Experience:  MS in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery , Attachment to Neurosurgery.
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I have a question posted already. Dr Evans was just ...

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I have a question posted already. Dr Evans was just looking at it and decided not to answer. He really helped before. Please answer the question. I will be following up with my PCP. I also tok he recommendation and spoke with a Mental Health Professional who was very helpful.
Please explain yours symptoms in detail

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
OK This is going to be long. Started with Hysterectomy May 3rd. Depression 7-8 months until MD started me on Cymbalta.(Very hard for me to admit I was Depressed, Cymbalta really helped) Difficulty Breathing- Not sick with a cold cough or anything, Chest Pain which I went to the ER for. Edema3+ lower extremeties. In the am periorbital edema and hands. Bottom of my feet hurt like neuropathy. Right lower leg from mid calf to foot black and blue but no pain. Broken blood vessels I guess. Rash on both sides of waist and across breasts. Rash on lower extremeties that moved up back on 4 occasions( though I was allergic to seafood on buffet) Diarrehea X 2 weeks now. When I eat my stomach bloats like I am pregnant, than gas, then to the bathroom. Diagnosed with Thrush 1 1/2 months ago, treated with Diflucn X 17 days still not gone. Knees hurt and pop all the time since Hysterectomy. Now my ankles an toes hurt. Feel like I cannot be touched anywhere, like and aggrevating feeling. Recent Chest X-ray showed mild scloliosis, never saw that before-I figures that was why my back hurt all the time. My back pain went away when I had the surgery, now it is back X 1 month(lower back)CT of chest while in ER showed small linear nodular right middle lobe density, pleural based. R breast nodule, 10 lb wt gain ( assume because of edema, ear infection x two months that finally went away. Decrease vision, I have graduated bi-focals and can only see out of the bifocal part. Thin skin, if I scratch my arm it bleeds. I have lost half of my hair all over my head. That is what really sent me looking for answers to what was wrong. Hormone tests normal I take 1mg Estradiol q day. Stress incontinance like when I have been pregnant ie: cough, sneeze. My pubic hair is now also thinning. My face peeled off one morning like I had a sunburn but only that one morning. My R eyelid is sagging more than the left, but so is all of my skin and neck since June of 07. I do not have anymore acne which was a rel problem before for me. I have had night fevers, just my head. This is different from the Hot flashes I was having before the horomone treatment started to work. I am soooo hungry all the time. But of course than I have to go to the bathroom urgently. My PCP has run all Blood tests, and everything seems to be normal, tey even did a HIV result - and a t-cell count result 13oo. I also lost my interest in haveing sex with my Husband at all. Just have no interest. This has picked up since I started cymbalta. The only other rx I am now taking is lasix for the edema.

So you can see why I started to write to your Web MD. This new blood work seems to have finally had an answer to my question what on earth is wrong with me?
sorry need to opt out.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Why? I took the last reply to my MD and that is how the Lab tests were run. Do you have any idea what it is like to wait for your nest appt with busy md to get an answer to your questions.I am pretty sure the answer is Lupus. I would just like you to verify the only Positive Lab result I had which was theAnti-Nuclear Ab Titer of 160. And although the other tests are normal, do they correlate in any way?
Hi there,

It is natural of course to be worried about the results.

All your test results are normal except for the Anti-Nuclear Ab titer. At 1:160, this titer is only just positive, it is borderline positive.

This titer is not specific, it can indicate other inflammatory conditions besides SLE.

Being borderline positive, your doctor will very likely not start any treatment based on this alone. However, the result cannot be ignored either. The way out for this is to monitor the levels of this enzyme. Your doctor will probably ask for a repeat of this test within 3-6 months. In many cases such borderline positives only indicate a mild inflammation which is likely to come down to normal. If that is so, then well and good. However, if it persists, or increases, the other tests may have to be repeated. SLE would then be suspected.

But right at this stage, you cannot be said to have SLE. Since the other tests are normal, an SLE diagnosis is not likely for you. But since it is borderline positive, this does indicate some inflammation in your system which would account for your symptoms. All that is needed at this step is monitoring.

I hope this answer was helpful. If you need more information, feel free to ask. For accepting this answer, please click on the green 'accept' button below. Feedback/Bonus will be warmly appreciated.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you. Thank you. I have been referred to a Rheumatologist to review the tests results and symptoms. But as you probably know it is hard to get into a specialist. And here in Hawaii we have a shortage of specialists. And even more limited when your insurance is a HMO. Not all Doctors will accept, they prefer PPO's. You time and energy is appreciated.

Elizabeth Gillette LPN
Medical Case Cordinator for HIV/AIDS Patients at
Waikiki Health Center
Honolulu HI
I hope I have been able to help you.

Overall, I am very hopeful that you will get a cure. Your results are quite good, they indicate that yu do not have any gross inflammation. You can expect a good recovery with the care that you are getting already.

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Dr. D. Evans, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 4464
Experience: MS in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery , Attachment to Neurosurgery.
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