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I have been addicted to dextromethoraphan(sp?) (cold

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I have been addicted to dextromethoraphan(sp?) (cold medicine) for a long time and have tried several times to quit. Beyond the lifestyle changes (which I am working on through support groups and family) what types of physical withdrawl symptoms can be expected, and are there any risks to quitting cold turckey (I have used around 250mgs a day for a long time)?
You can expect withdrawl symptoms such as nausea and upset stomach, sleeplessness, shakiness, and vomiting since you have been taking this amount for a long time. Cold turkey is not advised and better to taper off slowly to minimize the wurgdrawl symptoms cutting down in fourths for three day intervals and once you do not feel major withdrawl symptoms for 24-48 hours then cut down another fourth and continue this until you are off of it all together. So yes there are many risks to stopping cold turkey but minimal risks if you taper off until you have gotten off of it altogether.
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