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I think i have some sort of fungus on my penis (no joke) i

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i think i have some sort of fungus on my penis (no joke) i think i my have spread it from my atthelts foot that possible?    could it be ring worm. it itches a little but it does not    really bother me. it just does nt look good and it seems like it is spreading.i spoke to my son peditrician but i was to embrassed to tell him exactly where it was. itold him it was a jock itch and he told me to use a tinactin or lotrium. is that ok to use or is my skin to senitive there. then i spoke to a pharmasit he told me i should get a prescription to nizoral/ketoconazole but i need a doc to prescribe and i do not have a doc plus this is very embrassing to talk about and that is why i am online. what should i do , can you tell me what i should to. maybe i have to see a doc and if that is so then i guess i will do that. my penis looks spoty raised blotches that are pinkish or lite colored red.what do you think it is. please help me i need this to go away, maybe i new an anitbiotic.

How long have you been using the over the counter cream and how often do you use it?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
2 or three days

A cream like Lamisil AT will generally require a shorter time. Be sure to follow the directions on the box.

Lotrimin if that is what you have purchased will also work. It may just take a bit longer.

It is very possible that you spread the fungal infection from your feet to your penis. It is quite common.

Here is a link to the Mayo clinic that will detail prevention and other information.

If over the counter treatment doesn't work, just call your doctor. It is really no big deal and is quite common.

I hope this helps, T

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you for answering me .
being a guy i got very nervous.
this whole concept is cool.
i just put my info to also be a expert.
i am in the building industry.
i would like to ask you a question . i am not very switf on the computer, would it be possible to talk to you on the phone about how you got involved with this and how do youmake money.
or you could give me a number that i could call
to speak to someone about this bussiness.
also i do not understand if i owe more moneyto you how do i pay. another thing is how does the price work how much a question is worth, if i bid more money would somone have answered my question more quickly ?? or maybe a doc would respond. please call if you can(###) ###-####nbsp;   or email me on who should i call

I have sent this post to a moderator, so they can help you with all your questions.

Best wishes and thanks,