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Lani, BSN, RN
Lani, BSN, RN, Nurse
Category: Health
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What does it mean when you hear your pulse in your left ear

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what does it mean when you hear your pulse in your left ear when you try to fall asleep

Hello suez,8,

Usually when you are exhausted, over-tired or over-heated, you may hear a pulse beat in your ears. The pulse that can be usually heard is the "beat" that comes from the carotid arteries - the big blood vessels carrying blood from your heart to your brain that are located on either side of your neck close to your ears.

It can happen to any healthy person and does not necessarily mean there is something wrong.

Sometimes when you have nose congestion, the sound that you can here may be intensified due to build up of pressure your Eustachian tubes which is connected to the the back of the nose and throat to the ears.

Sometimes, a certain kind of tinnitus can make you hear sounds of your pulse or heartbeat. The tinnitus may be due to inner ear inflammation or infection, earwax accumulation, trauma, hypertension, side effects of medication,some related disorders or injuries,etc.

If you can hear an unusual sounds in your ear and there are discomforts and abnormalities noted which are persistent, then you may need to see a doctor. If no any unusualities, then you need just need to take an extra rest.

Take care and good luck!

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