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I am gurgling when I breath. I have felt like I have a chest

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I am gurgling when I breath. I have felt like I have a chest cold for several day but never experienced anything like this before. It is worse when I lie down and almost not present when I lean forward. Should I go to the emergency room or call my Doctor in the morning?


This sounds like a bronchial infection such as bronchitis or possible pneumonia. If you are able to breathe, albeit gurgling, you can wait until the morning to see a doctor, but see them first thing in the morning. If you are having shortness of breath, have a high fever, or other extreme symptoms, you need to go to the ER. Especially if you have tightness in the chest and/or shortness of breath, as those are the most critical symptoms. Taking ibuprofen to reduce the fever or to prevent fever is a good idea, along with taking something with an expectorant in it to clear the lungs of fluid and mucous. Even so, even if you feel better, you still need to see your doctor for a chest x-ray to be sure that any fluid in your lungs is gone or not life threatening.

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