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Dr. Zia
Dr. Zia, Doctor (MD)
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Just inside my bottom lip I noticed a line of blue, which

Resolved Question:

Just inside my bot***** *****p I noticed a line of blue, which looks to be blood under the skin. Please let me know what causes this. It isn't a blister and there is no pain. To my knowledge I have bitten and hit my lip in any way. I current have white tongue and am taking Nystatin.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Zia replied 9 years ago.

The first thing that i would like to tell you is that this is nothing serious to worry about... blood vessel in the mouth especially under the mucous membrane are very superficial and even mild sucking pressure in the mouth can result in some blood coming out of the delicate blood vessels and to accumulate under the mucous membrane... this has nothing to do with your white tongue or the nystatin that you are taking... it should resolve within a few days time at the most ...

hope that answers your question


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