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Dr. Anil
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Why does the inside of my vagina hurt? when i sit, when i go

Resolved Question:

why does the inside of my vagina hurt? when i sit, when i go to the bathroom, and even when i walk it hurts.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 9 years ago.
Welcome to
Pain in the vagina is most commonly due to infection/inflammation.Inflammation of vagina is called as vaginitis .This can be a result of fungal infection ,trichominiasis ,bacterial vaginosis etc .Vaginitis can be due to local allergy, stds ,foreign bodies etc .
As such a obs/gyn doctor should be consulted for appropriate medical treatment .
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
but i was just tested for everything and i had a pap smear. and everything came back normal. i have had this pain for about a week now. i mean could it really be a std?
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 9 years ago.
When were you tested ?
Do you have a history of unprotected intercourse with multiple partners ?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i have in the past when i was younger but im married now and have been for the past 2 yrs. and last week i woke up and had to go to the bathroom and it hurt so bad to pee i couldnt finish. and i looked at it and there was like a cut there it was bleeding i whipped the blood away and iy bleed some more. and it hurts all the time now
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 9 years ago.
There can be either a urinary infection or a vaginal infection or both .
Urine can irritate the cut and worsen the pain .
Also there can be local infection present which can be the cause of such symptoms .
Less likely to be an STD especially since you tested negative recently .
You shall require a urine examination and your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics as per the infection .
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