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My Dad has been sick for over a year now. He has joint pain,

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My Dad has been sick for over a year now. He has joint pain, nausea, chills, runny nose, fatigue and just recently chest pains. He has seen several doctors and done extensive blood work. We had his home checked for mold and carbon monoxide. He recently went to the ER with chest pains, they did every test they could. ALL of his tests come back negative. I recently watched a show on Discovery health, and they said most doctors do a basic lyme disease and with this test you can get negative results alot of times. They also stated that there are several other tests that can be done that most doctors don''t know about. Are there different tests? If so, could you tell me what they are? Can lyme disease hide in your blood stream and go undetected? They stated in the show that it could be in one tube of blood and not the other. I just want to make sure my Dad is getting ALL the tests that are available to him, and he can get better. Thank you........Carol
HiCustomer Dr. April here. I specialize in pain management and see many patients with complex medical issues. As you mentioned Lyme Disease is a possibility. Testing for Lyme can be difficult and the lab that the sample is sent to can make a difference. There is controversy whether patients can have Lyme Disease with negative antibodies or after being treated appropriately with antibiotics. There are a number of possibilities to explain your father's symptoms. My recommendation is to find a physician who sees complex medical issues like this and has experience with problems such as Lyme. The show may have mentioned that there are other diseases associated with Lyme such as Bartonella and Brucellosis. If your father has not seen an infectious disease specialist that would be helpful. Again make sure who ever he sees they have experience with prblems like Lyme. Finally be careful with some Lyme friendly doctors who over diagnose Lyme. Good luck and don't give up.
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