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My son, 24 years of age, has a chronic phlegm that he coughs

Resolved Question:

my son, 24 years of age, has a chronic phlegm that he coughs up.. hx of broncitis, allergies, sinus infections. recently he has had some bright red blood on his stools on and off, hx of constipation, slowed motility. he has what was dx as costal chondritis, over a year ago and given strong anti inflamm which he did not want to take the rest of his life (he took them 6 months and it would hurt the minute he stopped), his chest hurt so much that he stopped lifting weights at the gym and started to run. he swims everyday when his chest/hip allow... in the past 6 months his hips have started to hurt. first the left one and now the right one (different pain than the left one). recentlycorrected for overpronation-left foot....body work specialist gave him chest pain relief for one month after which the pain came back..has not been able to replicate what initial cure. he also has bloating, abdominal cramping , muscle twitching, confusion, difficulty thinking, word search,name block.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 9 years ago.

Hi, <strongCustomer, Your son has multiple symptoms and he really needs a complete medical evaluation from head to toe to determine what is producing all these symptoms .

I think that in his case , it is extremely important ruling out the possibility of he having an autoimmune disease ( in this condition , the immune cells that in normal conditions only attack and combat viral or bacterial infections , begin to attack other body cells , including the gastrointestinal cells ( red blood in stools ,bloating ,abdominal cramping) nerve cells ( confusion ,difficult thinking,muscle twitching ) , or bone tissue (chondritis and hip pain) ).

There are multiple autoimmune disease like : Crohn's Disease ,ulcerative colitis ,lupus among other ones .

Your son should consult two specialists : a gastroenterologist and a rheumatologist specialist .

They will perform several tests including a colonoscopy , rheumatoid factor , C Reactive Protein , ANA antibodies , ERS rate , white blood cell count among other tests .

With these test results , the doctors will be able to determine or rule the presence of an autoimmune system disease to give him the appropriate treatment .

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you for the great advice...

rick had a gi work up in 2004, spring due to bloating, abdominal cramping (intense) and it came back inflammed but nothing wrong except a stomach tear, can't remember the name of it.
would this work up still be valid.they ruled out guten, bacteria, crohns, etc.

also, what about infectiono with a parasite or worm, round worm.etc? could this explain his symtoms and how would you test for it?
Expert:  Dr. German replied 9 years ago.

Yes, Customer, this work up is still valid .

In relation to parasites or worms , they could explain some of his symptoms but not all of them .

However , it would be recommendable that he has a stool test to rule out this possibility .

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
in addition to the above; he mentions that he gets pins and needles in his feet and legs, mostly on the right side. he also has a feeling of a BAND tightening around his biceps just below his right shoulder when he was able to lifts weights... he said that his blood vessels would bulge in that arm and the "band" tightening below his shoulder, on his right bicep felt like it was cutting off his circulation.
as a matter of fact he also says that he feels his whole right side if "off". He is 6'3", 210 pounds and looks in good health otherwise. he just can't run due to right hip pain and can't lift anything due to right rib pain which he feels all the way arouond to his back and he can't swim due to chest and hip pain. he used to do all three. he seems to be getting worse.