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his feet and ankles (particularly on the left side)

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My friend is 44 years old, and has developed a recent problem with swelling of his feet and ankles (particularly on the left side). On the advice of a doctor in his family (actually, his sister), he went directly to see a cardio specialist. His EKG, BP, etc. are all fine, so there is nothing obvious. But he is now scheduled for a stress test, echo, and ultrasound. It will be weeks before these tests can be performed, and the doc is offering no speculation (positive or negative). My friend is becoming more anxious, and needs to be able to put on shoes and leave the house so that he can work. So, he wants to know, at least, if there is any possibility of a less than scary prognosis, and what the possible negatives are. (People need to plan for the possibilites. We can't cancel appointments and say, well, I'll know more in a month. We need some idea.)
Hello. Does your friend eat a lot of salt? Does he have pain in his feet or legs?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi. No salt. But pain and numbness. The symptoms seem to be circulatory. I will also say that he started working from his home office about 2 years ago, and has been sitting a lot more these days (actually we all have, since he and I have the same work situation now).


Actually when you tell me that he has been sitting a lot more recently that tells me that it is wise to go to the doctor and request a test call a venous doppler study. This test will check for blood clots in the legs. If there are clots he would experience pain and numbness. Sitting a lot can actually cause clots to form. The test is an ultrasound and is not invasive. It does not take long and it would allow the doctor to see if blood clots are the cause of his discomfort. If it is blood clots then they would give him some medication to break up the clots and then he would be on medication to prevent blood clots from coming back. NEVER rub the legs when they hurt or are swollen that can make the clot travel up to his lungs. I hope this has helped you and good luck!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you. We have thought that DVT could be a possibility (especially because of the sitting), but he doesn't want to accept that he could have clots. (Personally, I think I would rather have leg clots than serious heart trouble, because they can be treated easily.)

Thanks again.
You are very welcome I hope your friend listens to you and gets it checked out. A blood clot can be treated but it also can become very serious if left untreated. Good luck