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I have had a vaginal discharge for the past three years ...

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I have had a vaginal discharge for the past three years imidiatly after taking an antibiotic for my lung infection. its been there eversince. partner had trich before , test negative for everything. went to a gynocologist and three family physicians. I need help don''t know where to go?

Can you explain more about this discharge, such as texture and color?

Any itching, burning or pain?

Any odor?

Thank you

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
has varied greatly over the past three years. its white ( yellowish)... somewhat like dried powder ( used to be like cheese before. most often it has no smell. sometimes it has a rotten egg smell to it. vulvul itiching is on and off.

Normal vaginal fluids can vary from woman to woman. It can be thin, slightly sticky to thick and gooey. It can be clear to white or even off-white in color. The amount of discharge can also vary. As long as you don't have an odor, burning or itching, then it's a normal discharge.

Vaginal discharge can occur during ovulation, when hormone levels change or when pregnancy occurs.

I'm assuming you have had vaginal swabs that have been sent to the lab. If you have and nothing is coming back I would suggest in following up with an infectious disease doctor. As they can have access to more areas of infections.


Avoid tight fitting clothes, pantyhose, wear loose cotton panties, after activities that cause you to sweat make sure you shower right away, make sure to wipe front to back, if you wear pads vs tampon there is a chemical in pads that can cause for infections in some too, if you shave the vaginal area do stop that, no douching, try to lower carbs in your diet and see if all this helps to stop this.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the problem is it really is not normal and I can tell when its some what gone. my partner suffers the most. If we have intercourse with out a condom when my dischrge is there ( often) his penis head becomes sensitive, red, he gets blisters, pain, itiching, followed by odor ( fishy)one and stayed for about a week! so I am certain it is not my normal flora. I didn't have it 4 years ago and I was fine.

If there is a fishy odor, this indicate BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). Which for some woman they are just more prone to this than others. By doing some of the things I listed above can help woman. Otherwise, it's best to get treated for it. The medication that is generally prescribed is metronidazole or clindamycin. Talk to your doctor about this if no help, then do follow up with an infectious disease doctor.

Click here to read more on BV

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I will... thanks Lindie

You're welcome. I hope you feel better soon.


Please do take a moment and leave feedback after clicking the accept as I will do the same.


Thank you,