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I got results in the mail and my Lipase is 420 u/l. I''m not

Customer Question

I got results in the mail and my Lipase is 420 u/l. I''m not sure my doc ordered amylase,wasn''t in results. I was recently diagnosed via ultra sound to have pancritis which then led me to my doctors office. My question is this; how serious is this, if in pain,do I need to visit my e.r.? my ALT and AST''s were a little low as well? I am do not drink, so where did this come from? Current symptoms are some pain, low app.,low energy, and frequent urination.I''m on 1200 IB every 6 hours 4 pain, Bactrim for infection,5 days left.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  nursetips replied 9 years ago.


Have they said if your condition is Acute or Chronic? Did they re check your Lipase level a second time?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Acute and a retest is in two weeks.
Expert:  nursetips replied 9 years ago.


Acute pancreatitis can sometimes be caused by gallstones. There is blood tests that can determine if you have problems with your gallbladder as well as an ultrasound to detect if there are any stones. In some cases of acute pancreatitis it can resolve on its own. In some cases you need to be hospitalized to replace fluids. Some people get repeat attacks and some do not. I would suggest going to the doctor and getting your gallbladder checked out first to see if the cause is gallstones. I hope this helps you

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I knew that already,I also know that it isnt gallstones,I had an ultrasound-thats how they found the pancritis. I wanted to know how serious this is and if covering up my pain with IB is fine for now or that if I am in pain,should I seek immediate care? No vomiting 2 days now.
Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 9 years ago.


I am commenting regarding the ibuprophen you are taking (assuming that IB stands for that). If you are taking 1200 mg every 6 hours, regularly, you are being rather overdosed. Overdosing on Ibuprophen can cause intestinal bleeding, ulcers, and even liver damage. The daily maximum for Ibuprofen is 3200mg in a 24 hour period; you are getting 4800mg a day if you take 1200 mg every 6 hours. Here is a link for your reading:

People with severe acute pancreatitis usually ARE hospitalized as it needs treatment...resting the gut as untreated, it can result in pancreatic damage.

IF you need that much Motrin to cover your pain, and you have pancreatitis, you might benefit from immediate care, and I suggest you get such care.

Here is a link regarding pancreatitis:

I hope I was able to help,