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I'm have pain in my vagina on the left side...severe enough

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I'm have pain in my vagina on the left side...severe enough that I can't have intercourse. I am 12 weeks post op from a total abdominal hysterectomy, 51 year old female. I just had a pelvic ultrasound and it found a 3cm cyst on my right ovary. The pain I have is on my left side so how can this cyst cause that pain? I originally had the hysterectomy due to menorrhagia and painful periods. Now it feels like my bladder is always full and when I walk around it feels like I have a huge tampon between my legs.
I need some answers here and hope that I won't need more surgery!

Thanks for your questionCustomer

In order to better answer your question, could you tell me if you're having any other bladder symptoms besides feeling full? Does this mean that you're running to the bathroom to pee all the time? Have you ever not made it to the toilet or had an accident? When was the last time you saw the gynecologist and what did he say at that time?

Dr. Cawlfield

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I saw my gynecologist yesterday. He could not find a reason for the severe pain in my vagina other than there was granulation tissue still which he treated with silver nitrate. How can that be after so long? My surgery was Nov. 8.
I do pee often but I thought that was just because I drink a lot of water...but when I pee I feel a great pressure in my vagina as I am about to stop peeing.
I'm able to make it to the toilet no problem.
He started me on vaginal estrogen tabs as he says some of the soreness may be due to lack of estrogen. I have my ovaries and don't have any other symptoms of low estrogen. He also says I have a rectocele...and that is why it feels like I have a great tampon inside when I walk. I have a lot of cramping still and it must be bowel as I don't have anything left to cramp.
So I still don't know what the pain was. I had a bad bout of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea just over one week post op...and to top things off the top of my vagina was still open and I was leaking peritoneal fluid...using maxi pads again! Spent the day in emerg.
So...don't know if you can make any sense of all this...I am very uncomfortable...what do they do to repair a rectocele and would that make intercourse uncomfortable?

Wow, this really sounds like a tough situation. This rectocele could also be pressing on your bladder causing the sensation that you have to pee. There are multiple procedures to fix rectoceles. The most common is called posterior colporrhaphy. It involves tightening up the pelvic floor muscles and tightening the vagina to prevent the rectum from pushing through into the vaginal space. This is generally used as a last resort. You should be doing Kegal exercises to stregthen your pelvic floor muscles. Kegal exercises are done by pretending to hold in urination in a forceful and exagerated manner. If it did come to surgery, than intercourse would definately be out of the question for at least 6 weeks while the vaginal tissue heals, but shouldn't cause future problems with intercourse.

I don't have any explanation for the continued cramping. I wish I could help there. However, if you're still having a granuloma at the vaginal cuff, there is a remote possiblity of an abcess in your abdomen. If you are feeling fevers, chills, and abdominal pain, this is possible. You would need to discuss this with the gynecologist, though.

I hope you find this information helpful. Get better!

Dr. Cawlfield

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