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I have a small ulcer on the left side of my vagina, ...

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have a small ulcer on the left side of my vagina, but no other symptoms. it doesnt itch, or burn. it is not painful at all. is it possible that this is herpes or could it be a cut from shaving that got irritated?
Expert:  Melissa replied 9 years ago.
When you say ulcer, what do you mean, exactly? Is this a bump, or an open sore? If it's a bump, is it soft and fluid filled like a blister, or firm? Have you ever had this before?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to M. Carter, M.S.'s Post: like the ulcers you can get in your mouth no it is not fuild filled or hard.
Expert:  Melissa replied 9 years ago.

This might be a reaction of the skin due to a fungal (yeast) or bacterial infection (particularly, an infected hair follicle, or folliculitis), though itching would likely be accompanied. Chanchroids are lumps that form on the genitalia from a bacterial infection, and bumps can form from contracting syphillis and herpes as well. These generally appear as blisters or ulcers that eventually crust over and heal over a period of a couple of weeks. Herpes tends to itch and be painful, whereas a painless ulcerated lesion is more typical of syphilis. A visual examination or cervical swab, bump swab, and/or blood tests are needed to determine the exact cause of your symptoms, since the treatment depends on the nature of the cause.

I hope this helps!

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