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I have a Burning sensation on my Testicles and Penis area, I

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I have a Burning sensation on my Testicles and Penis area, I am a diabetic and have dealt with Yeast Infections before, however I was sexually active recently, we used protection I always do and I had no signs of a yeast infection and now there is no burning when I use the wash room, although there is a lot of irritation to the point where it is almost unbearable, I am itchy near the top of my penis, ut also on the testicles all over, could this be distinguished as a sign of genital herpes?

Hello Taylor 25 Thank you for using just answer. I hope I will be able to help you with your concern.

Symptoms of herpes usually begin anywhere from 2 to 20 days after coming into contact with this virus. The skin first becomes red and sensitive then blisters or bumps will appear. During a first outbreak the area is usually painful and may tingle, burn or itch. You may also experience burning with urination. During a herpes outbreak you may also have flu symptoms like fever, muscle ache or a headache.

If you think you may have herpes you should see your doctor while the sores are still present. The doctor will not be able to make a correct diagnosis if the sores are healed. They will be able to prescribe you a medication.

If you do not have any blister like bumps present then more then likely you do not have genital herpes. You could have another yeast infection that is just presenting itself differnet then before or another type of STD. You may also be having an allergic reaction to something. If no blisters are present, try taking benadryl as directed. This will help with the itching, it will make you tired though.

I have attached pictures of genital herpes for you to compare.

I hope this information has been helpful. Feel better soon.

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