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Will Zolpidem (ambien) show up in a unrinalysis type drug

Customer Question

Will Zolpidem (ambien) show up in a unrinalysis type drug test. It is given by NCPS, a professional monitoring program for wayward Dr.s, Lawyers, etc. They give me test 1(if you are familiar with the company). I have a script, but I am diagnosed as an "addict." The MD that prescribed it is credible and is aware that I am an addict. I reminded him again when he put me on it. I have been clean for five years, but these people are Nazis, so I am scared to take it.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. J replied 9 years ago.
Dear Customer
Ambien is in the class "hypnotics" and as you are aware helps you sleep. They have some properties similar to benzodiazapines (Xanax, Ativan) but do NOT show up on a standard urine drug screen. If they wanted to test for Ambien there is a separate assay specificly for that. Ambien only stays in your system for 6 hours , so to be safe and not have a chance of getting a false positive I would refrain from taking it 2 days before the test.
Dr. J
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The answer was helpful. If possible though, I would like to know what the chances of getting a false positive are?

It seems sort of rediculous that these tests can give a false positive, and ruin someone's career. So, I hope it does not happen often.
Expert:  Dr. J replied 9 years ago.
Dear Want,
the sources I came across all said that it will not come up positive since it is not a true benzodiazapine. If I was me, I wouldn't chance it. I agree that it is rediculous but I tell my patients on controlled medications (of which ambien is one of ) to bring their prescription or the bottle with them to the test so it is documented ahead of time.

Good luck,
Dr. J
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I appreciate your help on this. I intended to accept the answer you gave last night, so you could get the 20 dollars. It said it was transfered, and I am afraid that if I hit accept again, that it will charge my card another 20 bucks. Did you get my initial payment?
Expert:  Dr. J replied 9 years ago.
Dear want,
I got it , thank you. If you hit the accept again it will charge your card.
Good Luck,
Dr. J