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Dr. German
Dr. German, Doctor (MD)
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Lately I''ve had boughts where after I walk a ways, my

Resolved Question:

Lately I''ve had boughts where after I walk a long ways, my tongue and the area under my chin turn very numb, and my chest hurts. Today, it escalated to shortness of breathe, and at one point, my mouth and throat were so numb, I couldn''t take a breathe, and had to stop for a second to compose myself before I was able to breathe again. Two weeks ago I had a case of bronchitis. I''ve also had severe indigestion, which I''ve never had my entire life. My family has a history of stomach and lung cancer. Should I be worried?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 9 years ago.

Hi,Customer, yes , you should be worried and consult a doctor immediately .

You are experiencing extremely serious symptoms .

You need an immediate cardiologic medical evaluation .

This chest pain with tongue and chin numbness could be caused by a heart blood flow blocking or obstruction , and this could increase the probability of experiencing a heart attack . In your case , your doctor should also evaluate how is your brain blood flow , to determine if there is any obstruction or blocking decreasing the blood circulation to your brain .

The doctor will perform some tests like : a heart and brain angiography , cardiac enzymatic tests , EKG and a chest X-rays .

With these tests , your doctor will be able to determine what is happening to give you the appropriate treatment immediately .

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