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I had sex with no ejactulation on 8/19 I had a regular

Resolved Question:

I had sex with no ejactulation on 8/19 I had a regular period on 8/23 that lasted about 4/5 days which is my norm. On 9/2,9/3,9/4 I had intercourse with ejactulation, I have also learned that I was ovulating around this time which you would think this is the obvious choice as to when I concieved right? The only thing is that the man I had sex with on the later dates was told 10 years ago that the odds of him having children were not great. I have regular periods that last about 4/5 days. I was just wondering which date you think I concieved on. I went to have a u/s on 12/31/07 and the tech said I was 19 weeks 3 days and gave my due date May 23rd. When I use the due date calculater on the web for the first date it gives me my due date as May 11 when i use the second dates it gives me around the 25/26. Please let me know what you think? Thank you so much.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Annie replied 9 years ago.

Ultrasound dating is more accurate than going by your last period, as implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period. Even though ultrasound can be off by 2-3 weeks, it is most accurate. Going by your due date, this means that pregnancy occurred around August 19th. So whomever you had sex with around this date, is the father. For May 11th as your due date, this would mean that on 12/31 you were 21 1/7 weeks pregnant.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
But the ultra sound lady gave me my due date of May 23rd, to me this doesn't add up? To me the due date is closer to the later sexual partner???
Expert:  Nurse Annie replied 9 years ago.

Could be that she miscalculated as far as how far along you were at that visit, but if she gave you a due date of May 11th, this can only be off by 2-3 weeks maximum. So August 19th is approximately when conception occurred. As far as the one person's sterility, there is no way of knowing what their status is unless a semen sample is taken and tested. Pre-ejaculate can lead to pregnancy, as it does contain enough sperm for conception to occur.
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