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I have a weird air pocket like in my back just below my

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I have a weird air pocket like in my back just below my ribs. When I breath deep I can feel this sensation and others can feel it when they place their hand on my back. It started in July and went away and now is doing this again. It causes me to have pain in my chest when I lay down and have a hard time breathing when I lay down. It also causes me to cough when I take a deep breath more so when I am lying down. It is really uncomfortable. In July I went to one doctor and he gave me muscle relaxers and antinflammitories. It eventually went away but I really don''t think it is muscle related, I don''t know how else to explain, has anyone heard of something like this. Please help. Kristin
Hi, the cause for the chest pain and air pockets can be due to---
1. the presence of air-pockets in the soft tissues can be felt as a crackle when you apply a little pressure. This condition is known as surgical emphysema and may occur when there is bone and soft tissue injury with air-leak into the soft tissues.This is seen in trauma or accidents.
2. pneumothorax, or the presence of trapped air within the pleural cavity . This occurs in the presence of lung infection , lung cysts etc.
3. chest pain may also occur with trapped air under the diaphragm when there is an acute abdominal emergency and rupture of hollow organ into the abdominal cavity.
The treatment for all these conditions are different and depends on the cause of air leakage. I suggest that you should consult a physician and do a Chest X ray to confirm the presence/absence of air and treat accordingly.

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