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kidney malrotation

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I was in the er last night with my ten year old son and they said he had left kidney malrotation.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer;

A kidney malrotation, a form of kidney malformation, is a kidney that does not rotate properly during fetal development. A malrotated kidney faces the wrong way, but it usually still functions as it should. It has been noted in a few cases, however, that poor drainage of the kidney can occur, which can cause blood within the urine. Normally, the first tiny kidney tubules appear during the fourth week of development. By the eighth week, a complete pair of kidneys is present, although they are not in the location where they should be at birth. Through the remainder of your pregnancy, the kidneys rise and rotate to take their eventual place in the lower back. Many kidney malformations develop at this stage, when one of the kidneys moves only part of the way into its normal position. Do know that most kidney malformations do not produce symptoms and are usually not diagnosed until an x-ray is taken.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to M. Strouse's Post: what is the outcome what will happen to him cause of this

If there are no symptoms, then he can continue through life without complications. He should however, remain alert of the issue just in case symptoms appear later in life. If symptoms are present, blood in urine or the kidney not being able to drain, then surgery may have to be done to correct the kidney.

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