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I got some metal shavings in my eye. and now it''s cloudy.

Resolved Question:

I got some metal shavings in my eye. and now it''s cloudy. and it feels like it''s still in there
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for posting your question.
It's important, especially with the visual disturbance you are having that you go see an eye doctor. This might be difficult for you today, so I would suggest you go to an emergency room for evaluation if this is not possible. You will be treated properly and given a proper follow up appointment and referral to an eye doctor.
Either way would be appropriate.
Not only is this uncomfortable, but you risk permanent eye damage.
You should expect a visual exam. If the shavings are not deeply embedded they can sometimes be removed quite gently and noninvasely. You may have an infection, causing the cloudiness, and you likley have a corneal abrasion which makes the eye very susceptible to infection.
I also want to urge you not to try to remove the shavings yourself because of the possibility of causing more irritation. You will likely need to use some antibiotic drops or ointment also. You may be advised to have an update on your Tetanus shot too, if it's been a while since you've had one.
Here is a link for you also to copy and paste:
I hope this is helpful.
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