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I am having trouble going pee. I also go very freqently. My

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I am having trouble going pee. I also go very freqently. My bladder feels full all the time. Whats wrong with me


Do you have frequent urination at night time?Are you taking any medications?

Do you have painful urination? Any other symptoms?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Med_help's Post: Yes I frequently go at night about 3 times a night but very little. I feel pain in my stomach because my bladder always feel full. But no painfull urenation.I am not taking any medicine at this time.

Well, it can be due to various cause like- Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infection, Diabetes to name a few. You need to undergo certain tests like - Urine analysis, blood sugar levels, blood urea nitrogen .You should not take fluids before sleeping Also get evaluation and further treatment from your doctor.Link

Thank you.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Med_help's Post: I go all the time. Not just at night. I have had a urene culture done and that came back normal. Does that mean anything?

A normal urine culture rules out the possibilty of urinary infection. You need to get checked blood sugar levels, as high suagr level, causes frequent urination.Also one cause is -Interstitial cystitis, it is very common in feamles. take an appointment with your doctor.

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