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Dr. J
Dr. J, Doctor
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what does a blood pressure reading of 160 over 60 indicate

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
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replied 9 years ago.
a few questions first...
do you have high blood pressure to begin with? or is this a one time thing?
where was this reading taken?
do you take any medications?
do you have any other medical problems?
do you smoke/drink/drugs?
any chest pain, headaches, palpitations, vision changes?

Dr. J
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jason's Post: I do not typically have high blood pressure.
Taken @ home.
I take meds for crohn's disease.
No other medical problems.
I do not smoke & drink moderately, no drugs.
No pains, but did have dizziness & blurry vision once only 3 days ago.
Dr. J, Doctor replied 9 years ago.
I wouldn't make too much out of an isolated blood pressure taken with a home machine. often these machines are not that accurate and are not a substitute from a properly trained individual (nurse, doctor, etc.). Our blood pressures fluctuate throughout the day and are affected by many things including pain, anxiety, caffeine, salt intake, amount of sleep, medications, smoking, this list goes on. It is reassuring that you do not typically have high blood pressure. I would recommend that you continue to take your blood pressure one to two times a week and record the numbers. try to take it at the same time each day. bring these numbers with you to your next doctor's visit and you can discuss it with him/her.

Hope this helps and good luck,
Dr. J
Customer reply replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jason's Post: I have been checking daily for 3 days & it is consistant. What does a high systolic combined with a low diastolic typically indicate ?
Dr. J, Doctor replied 9 years ago.
The low diastolic number is XXXXX really that low, and your high systolic number is XXXXX really that high. However I understand that you are concerned since it has been consistant for three days. usually when we see a large discrepency between the two numbers it is usually the result of a leaky aortic valve (blood going from aorta back into the heart) which makes the diastolic number low. I really do not think that is what is going on here though. In my opinion it is an issue with the machine, since you told me you don't have any of symptoms I asked you ( I don't think your blurriness of vision and light headedness were from this) I would make an appointment to see your physician so it can be check with him/her and they can do a full exam.
Hope this helps,
Dr. J