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What does it mean when a doctor says there is something ...

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What does it mean when a doctor says there is something misfiring in your brain and orders an MRI?
Often when we use the term "something misfiring in your brain" it means that your brain is having extra signals that can have a multitude of different complaints. The most common conception of "something misfiring" is a seizure. A seizure can occur for a number of reasons including medications, infections, and people who are prone to seizures (epilepsy). Seizures can also range in their presentations, some can be the full body shaking that you commonly think of with seizures. others can be episodes of staring. You may or may not pass out.
Other instances of something misfiring can manifest as tremors (such as your arm or hand shaking when you don't want it to) or sometimes "something misfiring" can be flashes of lights or sounds.

It all comes down to what symptoms you are experiencing. Beings as your doctor wants to order an MRI means that he or she wants to get an imaging of your brain. These are much better than x-rays and CAT scans for examining your brain tissue (CAT scans would be better for blood vessels). Your doctor can use the findings from the MRI to help guide them into figuring out why you are having your symptoms

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Dr. J
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