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Stapled hemorrhoidectomy: Will the staples stay in

Resolved Question:

stapled hemorrhoidectomy: Will the staples stay in permanently? Our surgeon told us that the staples is permanent. It has been 12 days after the procedure and symptoms are not getting better. Can the staples be removed or will they fall out on their own? Thank you for your time to answer this question
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lindie replied 9 years ago.

After a few days you should actually be feeling better not worse. As far as the staples they do not get removed, but it's possible they could be passed during bowel movements, which is normal.

So at this point, if you are still having pain and not getting better with each day, then you need to follow back up with your doctor. Also do make sure you are eating a high fiber diet and lots of fluid to keep your stool soft. As it can be common to experience anal fissures after this procedure.

Click here for one website that explains more on this procedure as this will help give you a better understanding as well.

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