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How many days should we wait to have follow up urin ...

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How many days should we wait to have follow up urin culture to see uti is cleared after treatment for symptom and culture diagnosed uti, treated with Keflex 1500 mil. daily for ten days?


Glad to be able to help. This is a problem I see alot. Most frequently in my own household. You can re-check the urine at any time. However to make sure it has really cleared you need to wait 12-14 days after the last treatment. That is because prior to this there can still be enough medicine in your system to cause a false negative. However if you test sooner ( as in as soon as the 10 days of drugs have past) and get a positive then you know you still have an infection.

The final answer being, if you think you still have a UTI then recheck after the meds. If it comes back positive then you are right. If you just want to check to make sure it is gone you need to wait 12 days to make sure you are getting accurate results.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you Jason for the quick and accurate response. We asked a question a couple days ago and also received good advise. We will follow up on advise given. How can we ask a question or advise down the road and reach you? If that can not be done we will understand. Thank you again,Customer


There should be a box where you can request a specific expert. If there isn't you can PM me any time you have a question and I will be sure to check into it.

I really appreciate working with good people and positive feedback is enjoyed.

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