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Age 33. Mother of 3 children. Had 3 monthly injections as

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Age 33. Mother of 3 children. Had 3 monthly injections as contraceptive since birth of last child. No period for 4 years. Went to 3 yearly implant 6 months ago and period cycle has been eratic. Sometimes 3 times a month varying in heaviness. Latest period heavier than normal and only 4 days break from last period. They seem to be getting worse not better. Loss of sex drive because of bloating, back pain and cramps. My doctor said this would happen and would get better over time, but it is not. I suffer from chaffe from all the pads and even yeast infections betweeen periods. Very drained every day because of the loss of blood etc. Help please.

Hello and welcome to Just AnswerCustomer

It appears that you are now experiencing anemia due to blood loss. You should start a multivitamin promptly to help with symptoms until you can obtain a second opinion.

Of the two types of birth control implants I found, Norplant and Implanon, both are associated with abnormal uterine bleeding. It is possible you need to switch your birth control method if this is bothersome or causing severe problems, such as in your case.

Information regarding both can be found here:

In regards ***** ***** you are experiencing from the pads is not very common, but can result from an allergic reaction due to the ingredients used in the lining of the pads. What has become a popular option is a soft cup. A link regarding that can be found here:

Also, the reoccuring yeast infections also need to be evaluated. It is possible that it is not infact a yeast infection and perhaps something more.

More information to prevent yeast infections is listed here:,1510,6235,00.html

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
What can the yeast infections be a sign of?

A yeast infection is an overgrowth of the good yeast within the body. If what you are experiencing is in fact montlhly yeast infections then proper treatment and prevention need to be taken. It is not common to have this condition monthly unless you are receiving constant antibiotics or are not trying to prevent them. As stated before however before, treatment needs to be received, most likely a cervical culture, to see if the cause is in fact yeast infections an not another problem with similar symptoms.