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rather nasty chest cough / mucus build..throat

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Hi, I am getting over flu symptions and am left with a rather nasty chesty cough / musus build up. If I stand/sit up.. my breathing is pretty much ok. Soon as I lay down breathing gets hampered and I can feel funny things going on in my throat. The other thing I have now is that I have this sensation of something being stuck in my throat. As much as I try to cough it up.. it seems to get almost there but not any further. I am not sure if anything is actually there? all this is leading to no sleep for me. Any help appriciated. Thanks in advance


What you have is an irritation of the throat due to the flu. The throat tissues produce mucus as a protective measure. If you do not drink enough water, the mucus tends to get hard and sticky making it difficult to cough up.

Please take the following steps for relief:

- Gargle with hot, saline water - mix 2 teaspoonfuls of salt in 1 glass of hot water and gargle thrice daily.

- Steam inhalation - Take a bowl of hot water, and put 2 tsf of salt in it. You can also put menthol in it if you have some. Inhale the steam that rises from the water. You can put a towel over the head as you inhale for quicker relief.

- Drink a glass of warm lemon juice daily. Squeeze a wedge of lemon in a glass of warm water and mix 1 pinch of salt and 1 tablespoonful of sugar for taste. You can increase the amount of water if you find the lemon too sour to taste

- You can suck on hard sweets - the saliva trickling down the throat will be soothing. .

- Take Motrin tablets (500mg twice daily for 5 days).

- Improve your immunity by taking a multivitamin multimineral supplement. A tablet of Vitamin C 500mg will help to build up your resistance to infections. Vitamin C is known to be a potent agent against respiratory infections.

- Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water daily. Dehydration causes the mucus to become hard and dry leaving you prone to more ifections.


I hope this helps.

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