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My husband is in Iraq right now. He complained of blurry

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My husband is in Iraq right now. He complained of blurry vision, severe headache, unable to think straight, and numbness in his hand. He went to the Med station and the DR on duty noticed his pupils were different sizes. I did research myself and was able to come to only one conclusion which his intracerebral hemorrhaging. Because he is showing no signs of high blood pressure, the doc is ruling this out, and my husband is accepting this. I feel like my hands are tied because I cannot do anything from the states, but don''t you think he should request or demand at least a CT scan or MRI to look at his brain???

Actually I had a medical student make the same assumption about a patient who had "anisocoria" (the medical term for this). The key thing is that an intracerebral hemorrhage produces this as a LATE finding. IN other words, if it were an intracerebral hemorrhage causing this he would most likely NOT be walking and talking. Figuring out what it IS would be impossible over the internet. Here is a reliable website that discusses other possibilities (unfortunately technical).

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly and I thank you for the information from the website you provided. Although your answer has relieved a little of my stress, it still does not explain what may be causing the other symptoms my husband is having. As of now, those symptoms are isolated to just one time, and my husband continues to assure me that his doctor's are actively working to figure out what could be the cause. Like you said, trying to diagnose over the internet is impossible, so I suppose my only option is to have faith in the medical experts dealing with this and remain confident that an answer can be discovered. Again, I thank you for your expertise and the fact that I just may be able to go to sleep tonight a little less worried.

You are welcome.