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My two year old daughter is taking azithromycin and after

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My two year old daughter is taking azithromycin and after tonights dose at about 8:00 pm (her third dose) her cheeks got very red with raised patches. After checking her I discovered her hands are red as well as her feet. She''s acting normally and eating and drinking, do I need to take her to the emergency room?
How long ago did this redness start? Any trouble breathing? Does it seem to be bothering her in any way?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I noticed a slight redness on her cheeks earlier today (before the last dose) but it doesn't seem to be bother her at all and she's not having any trouble breathing.
Sorry if I was unclear. How many hours ago did the rash start? Is there any fever?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I noticed a slight rash about 4pm today but it got much worse about an hour after her last dose at around 8:00 pm. I just took her temp with a temporal scan thermometer and kept getting 96.6 or 96.8

The most urgent thing that would require a visit to the emergency department would be an allergic reaction. The duration of time since this started makes a life-threatening allergic reaction less likely thus an immediate trip to the emergency department for this rash is not really indicated. However, you need to call the child's MD to discuss what to do about continuing the medication. And obviously if the child gets worse in any way a trip to the emergency department is then needed.

Feel free to ask a follow-up question.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Would Benedryl help an allergic reaction and should I worry about the low temp, I've never had her temp be that low before and I took it about 10 times?

The forehead temperature often runs low. If you are worried take a rectal temperature. I wouldn't treat with benadryl for a presumed allergic reaction since we are presuming that it is not an emergency and the child is acting normal.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
One more question, if I take her temp rectally is 96.6 something to worry about? How low is too low?

No; 96 or above rectal is not low enough to worry about in a child that is acting perfectly normally.

And a BONUS is always appreciated.

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