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I am trying to wean off of Gabapentin - the bottle says do

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I am trying to wean off of Gabapentin - the bottle says do not stop taking the medication or miss a dose - so how do you gradually wean off of the medicine?


Why are you taking the gabapentin?

Any other medication?

Do you have any medical conditions?

How old are you? Male or female?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I was going through detox and my doctor prescribed to prevent possible seizures - my detox is finished and I would like to get off this drug.

I am on Lexapro for anxiety

No other medical conditions

I am 49; Female

My doctor's office is closed this week and I cannot get in touch with him but I am returning to work on Wednesday but won't be able to w/the side affects from this drug so I would at least like to skip the morning dose.
How much are you taking every day and how are you taking it?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
3 X a day orally in capsule form; 300 mg

After detox, many people stay on gabapentin for quite a while to help them with the after effects. Usually the dose for detox is 600mg 3 times a day so you are ahead of the game already. Please check with your doctor about how fast he/she wants you off of the drug, but in the meanwhile you can eliminate the mid-day dose with no side effects.


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