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Terry, Nurse, RN, BSN
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My 18 month old has a 101.5 fever - for past 2 days --should

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my 18 month old has a 101.5 fever - for past 2 days --should i do anything? he is acting low energy and clingy but is eating and drinking ok


Welcome to JA. Has the fever come down at all during the past 2 days?

Any other symptoms, such as pulling at his ear or complaining of a belly ache

Normal stools?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Terry's Post: fever has not come down at all. stools are pretty normal consistency but a liitle more frequent. belly and ears are not bothering him. his eyes are watery and a little swollen or puffy looking. reddish circles under the eyes. he is tired. oh and slight runny nose that started yesterday.


Thanks for a quick reply.

A fever over 101.5 that is maintained for a few days indicates that something is going on. If he is not showing symptoms of pain or discomfort, then he may have a virus, that would have to run it's course.

His eyes are watery and puffy from the high fever. It is most important that he drink plenty of clear fluids, such as water, gatorade, gingerale, or even frozen ice pops work well. Keep him under-dressed so he stays cool. Continue giving him tylenol (as directed on the bottle for his age and weight). You want to keep his fever from going up any higher.

Children lose fluids, through sweating, when they run a fever. The fluids must be replaced, so keep him well hydrated as described above.

He will be tired and clingy because he doesn't feel well. If he maintains this fever through the night, then you will have to put a call in to the pediatrician, because he may want to examine his ears for fluid.

If the fever goes above 102 degrees then call the pediatrician tonight.

I welcome your questions.


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