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Since August, I have had 20-day, 26-day, 14-day, 27-day, and

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Since August, I have had 20-day, 26-day, 14-day, 27-day, and 19-day cycles. I am trying to get pregnant. This month, I took Clomid on day 5 and started ovulation testing on day 11. I had an LH surge detected on day 14. On day 15, I had an IUI. Four days later, I started my period (a 19 day cycle).


It is likely that you have a progesterone deficiency syndrome. This occurs when the corpus luteum that is formed after ovulation fails to secrete adequate quantities of progesterone. As a result the endometrium lacks support, sloughs off and a period occurs.

If you are sure that you have ovulated, you will need to take progesterone tablets orally or vaginally for 10 days from the 16th to the 26th day of your cycle to regulate the cycle as well as be able to get pregnant.

I hope this helps.

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