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I seem to have a situation where I can't really twice in one

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I seem to have a situation where I can't really cum twice in one night. The first time there is no problem everything feels good and I cum with out a problem. Its when me and my girlfriend want to have sex again that the problem happens, I can't cum.
I get an erection no problem and things feel good for the most part its just when I feel the need to climax that it doesn't happen. From that moment on I feel I have lost it and just don’t cum. We have tried waiting and masturbating but nothing. We have even waited hours but nothing seems to help. It’s usually when I sleep or wait almost 24hr can I cum again. Like if I have sex in the morning then I can't have cum at night but if I have sex at night I can most of the time have cum in the morning?

So is there anything I can do to increase the amount of times I can have sex or speed up the refill process??

She told me to see a Chinese herbalist…

Hello Scott,

You pose an interesting question. . The refractory period (in men) is the time that takes him to be aroused and or have another orgasm after the first. Your ejaculation does seems to be on a 24 hour cycle, but your arousal is not abnormal. And you are correct, that is a delayed timeframe, somewhat. The average time to repeat ejaculation is about an hour, and does advance with age.

When a man orgasms, the hormone prolactin is released. Studies have found that the levels of prolactin in males are very tied with the refractory periodOne study showed that a male without ANY prolactin had NO refractory period. It is well known that hyperprolactemia (too much prolactin) inhibits the sexual drive. It is possible that you have higher levels of this hormone than is normal for men.

This is the link to the study I cited above.

Here is a similar study by the same group of authors which also showed the same things:

Unfortunately, the authors of the two studies did not choose to coorelate prolactin levels and refractory times, but it is well known that hyperprolactemia can cause sexual disfunction in men.

Other reports state that a man can have orgasms without ejaculation. Here is a link to this information:

My advice would be to go to a urologist for a check up. Discuss the studies I mentioned, and have prolactin levels checked.

My other thought on this would be that as you are able to get an erection, and it does feel good, can you enjoy the sex without the orgasm? I imagine it would get frustrating after a while, especially if you are under anxiety to perform. But if you did not have performance anxiety, could you enjoy yourself? Could frustration with not being able to ejaculate stop you from ejaculation?

I hope I was able to help,



Nurse Susan and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** defiantly given me some options to pursue. I have been to my local doctor and they only checked to make sure everything was working ok and didn't provide me with the solutions you did.
I also looked into things and to lower the prolactin levels you can take Bromocriptine. Of course I will talk to my doc before taking it.
To answer your last question I do have sex to please my partner but, she gets frustrated when I don’t climax (thinking its her) and it starts to become a chore.

Scott you are welcome.

I wish you the best of luck. I hope there is a way you can convince your partner that it is not her...communication can be so vital and so hard to do , especially on sexual issues.

Good luck,



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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Nurse Susan's Post: Thanks she is fine with the situation now and I have already told her about this. I have tried to accept your answer but my credit card has changed and I can't seem to find on this site how to update my profile. I have already sent an e-amil off to help desk. As soon as I can do that I will accept it.