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Do you have a period after your ovaries have been removed

Customer Question

Do you have a period after your ovaries have been removed but you still have a uterius?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Paramedic P replied 9 years ago.

Hello Marlene

If you had both ovaries removed it will cause immediate menopause. You stated that you had an ovarian tumor but did not state if both ovaries were removed. If one ovary was left in place then you will still menstruate.

This article explains everything including the function of the ovaries and the hormones they release that start the menstrual cycle:

If you go to page 2 of the article and scroll down towards the bottom you will see menopause.

I hope this information was helpful to you. If I failed to answer any of your questions or you would like more information please let me know.



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Expert:  Paramedic P replied 9 years ago.

Hello Marlene,

Did you have any further questions?