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Dr Amit Munjal
Dr Amit Munjal, Physician
Category: Health
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Experience:  B.A.M.S{Ayurveda Physician}Worked in various clinical departments like Medicine,ER,Gynae
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I have been having pain under the nail of my middle finger.

Resolved Question:

I have been having pain under the nail of my middle finger. The pain is not unbearable but it does not go away. The nail looks healthy, no lesions or apparent fungal infection but the pain persists. I may go to my rheumathologist to ask her if that could be part of the swelling since my fingers tend to swell due to arthritis, but wante to get some input since the strange thing is that it is only in one finger.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Amit Munjal replied 9 years ago.


Since how long are you having this symptom ?

Do you suffer from RA or osteo arthritis ?

What is your age ? Do all of your finger swell ?

Any other joint pain in the body ?

Any history of injury ?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr Amit Munjal's Post: Hi Dr. Munjal. I have been having this symptom for over one month now. I have osteo arthritis in mild condition. My fingers do tend to swell but, generally they do not hurt when they swell. I am 56 years old and do not have other joint pain in my body nor any history of injury.
This pain in particular is different since it is localized under the nail and it is not the same pain I intermittently have when my fingers swell. It is different to describe but it feels like if someone hit my finger with a hammer and I have palpitations and pain. Hope I have answered your questions.
My name is*****
Expert:  Dr Amit Munjal replied 9 years ago.


Due to Osteo - arthritis there can be formation of calcific spurs of the articular (joint) cartilage of the distal interphalangeal joints (the furthest joints before the tips of the fingers or toes.) which can be a cause of pain .

Probably an X -Ray examination should be considered for further evaluation of the cause of pain .

Other possibilities include sub acute paronychia without pus collection , injury to the nail bed ..

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