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I have a couple of black bumps on my penis. It ...

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I have a couple of black bumps on my penis shaft (toward the beginning). It doesn't itch. It looks like Blood Blisters.   The texture is smooth and the color is blackish. What is it?
When did these appear? Are they raised or flat? Do they look like blisters, or are they firm, or perhaps, looks like moles? Have you had unprotected sex with anyone?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
They appeared like a couple months ago. I thought they were blisters cause i do shave down there sometimes. But i dont know. They are firm and small. I have popped them before and they do not hurt. Only blood would come out of it. They are raised a little like blood (bubbles)clots or something. They look somewhat like moles, but smaller and smooth like a bubble. They are black in color. And yes i have had unprotected sex with others.

Without a direct examination, it's difficult to say, but it doesn't sound like any typical symptom of an STD. Genital warts can be dark in color, but usually are either pink or brownish (not black or blood-colored). This area of the penis is prone to small cysts, which is what you're describing might be. Also, a certain type of papule called fordyce spots appear on the penis as well, and appear as small bright red or purple spots that are not painful or itchy. These are just dilated blood vessels covered by thickened skin and can bleed if injured (such as during intercourse or by squeezing). They are not infectious and not caused by any STD. The cause is unknown and they're considered a normal variant, but can sometimes be removed by electrocautery if the apperance is bothersome.

There's also a small chance that it could be a mole or a type of plaque or lesion that needs to be evaluated for malignancy. A visit to a dermatologist would be recommended to rule out anything serious or infectious.

I hope this helps!

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