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My mother suffers from frequent hot flushes and night

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My mother suffers from frequent hot flushes and night sweats. She is 73, mildly diabetic and has high blood pressure. Any suggestions as to what could cause this?
The one thing you mentioned about her having high blood pressure is one of the main causes for hot flashes and night sweats when it is not related to menopause. In some cases it can be related to infection but that usually comes with other signs of illness as well so most likely it is her blood pressure and she may need a medication adjustment or change to better control this. Now if she has had any medication changes lately consider this too. Also I am going to recommend a product she can take to help control these if her medication is working well for her blood pressure but it is fluxuating some and causing these to occur. It is an all natural product called Remefimen and it can be found at all local drug stores or even Walmart and is used for these symptoms and of course it says it is to help fight the hot flashes and night sweats from menopause but that is just why most use it but it will still help your mother and will not interact with her medication since it is made from an all natural source called Black Cohosh and if she likes hot tea then she can also get some Black Cohosh tea as well to calm these down but most importantly when she is having these occur she needs to check her blood pressure to make sure that it is not elevated as if this occurs alot then a medication adjustment is advised but this product can greatly help her if it is systematic and not due to it being highly raised.
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