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dont have a UTI but have urge to urinate constantly

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Other than a UTI, what can cause a constant since of urgency to urinate? i have no pain when i urinate but have to go alot and have a slight since of urgency to urinate even after i just did. i took an at home UTI test twice in a row two mornings and came back negative for nitrites and white blood cells. Had a UTI like 2 months ago took cipro for a week cleared up went back to the doctor said i didn't have it anymore but still had the symptoms for another month or so then was finally back to normal. now im feeling the same symptoms but i test negative for a UTI? only thing ive done since that may have not been good for my health is recieved a blow job from a girl who has genital herpes and ive kissed her also. Can herpes or any viral diseases be transmitted that way? my prostate is healthy im only 22 felt fine just recently starting to get symptoms of a UTI but don't have one? please help me out on what i should do, im clueless!

The main causes which can cause increased frequency of micturition are:

Diabetes mellitus: due to an increase in sugar in the blood, this can cause increased frequency of urination.

Diabetes Insipidus. In this, the brain stops producing a hormone called ADH. The kidneys then produce an excess of urine, this in turn makes the person drink more water, and it becomes a cycle. This form of diabetes insipidus is called Central Diabetes Insipidus.

Another form called nephrogenic DI is a hereditary form in which the symptoms are present from childhood and where the kidneys fail to react to ADH which is produced normally from the brain. Link

Prostate problems: Hypertrophy of the prostate or any abnormality can cause this. You need to be investigated for this with ultrasound and clinical examination.

Psychological: Psychological causes, habit forming like tics, can also cause this. This is called Psychogenic Diabetes Insipidus. This is a condition when a person gets into a cycle where he or she feels constantly in need of water and drinks lots of water which in turn causes excessive urination. This is easily distinguished from true diabetes insipidus by testing.

I would suggest that you approach a urologist. You need thorough investigation. The test that is important for you is Voiding Cystography, you can discuss this with your urologist. You should also do the investigations for diabetes mellitius and insipidus.

I hope this answer was helpful. If you need more information, feel free to ask. For accepting this answer, please click on the green 'accept' button below. Feedback/Bonus will be warmly appreciated.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Relist: No answer yet.
did not answer my question fully and the answer was not what is wrong with me.
Genital herpes can certainly be transmitted in this way, but this will not cause your increased frequency of micturition.

Your increased urination is likley to be due to the causes I have underlined, hence you should consult a urologist to rule them out.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i have like a constant slight since of urgency to urinate and im not drinking alot of liquids i was fine than all of the sudden im feeling this way and i don't have a UTI? could it be stress? so how likely do u think i contracted herpes is 100 percent or not likely? sorry im just so stressed right now and i know that it can't be from your suggestions because it happened so suddenly and never had problems in my life. seems like since my UTI recently ive been so stressed and scared as well. ill accept your answer, but please help me out a little more if you can thanks so much! will an urgent care help me?
No, you dont need urgetn care for this.

You are way too stressed out, this is not a symptom of herpes. You would have blisters or sores in your penile region in case of herpes.

This is not going to be a UTI because your urine culture turned out negative, this effectively rules out UTI. So all your symptoms appear to be due to stress alone.

You should consult your family physician first of all, talk with him aboput your anxiety and stress. Dont try to deal with this alone. There are a number of good anxiolytic drugs which he can prescribe whch will relieveyour stress. There is no need to suffer from this so much. Go to your family physician and ask for anti-anxiety drugs.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you sir! maybe ill try to relax about it i didn't have a urine culture but i took an AZO home test for a UTI two mornings in a row and came back negative for a UTI. should i get a urine culture? i don't want to take anti anxiety drugs either. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME! sorry for the replies... IF you can please reply to this quickly with any further additional info would be greatly appreciated. I SWEAR ILL ACCEPT THE ANSWER after your quick reply to this. YOUR A GREAT GUY! would there be tons of sores and blisters if i had herpes or would even just two little bumps be considered as a sign of herpes as well? man im soo frustrated right now! sorry for all of this.

You can ask your questions, I am quite happy to help you.

You should go for a urine culture in my opinion, it will clear your doubts. It will be more confirmatiory than the AZO test. You should consult your family physician or PCP for this.

Herpes could occur with only one or two bumps of course. There is a simple blood test which can tell if you have the infection. You should discuss this also with your doctor.

Go ahead wih the tests, they will help you to control your anxiety.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
K your so awesome so if i don't have a UTI than it is stress and u are certain that anxiety and stress alone can cause my symptoms? i will do as u say and get checked out! thanks for your time! this is the last concerns and questions for you sir your so helpfull just want to be sure of what to do very important for me.
Yes, anxiety and stress are known to cause this cycle of increased urination plus increased drinking of fluids.

Do go for a check up, it will help you tremendously.

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