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Dr. D. Evans
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This is the second time I have noticed that if I go out

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This is the second time I have noticed that if I go out dancing at night and have more than one drink, maybe 2, I leave having a cough that is persistent. Last time it persisted for atleast 2 weeks and did not go away until i took a Z-Pak. Now, last night I went out, had a red devil and long island iced tea (2 drinks, which is more than my regular 1 drink) and now I have this nasty cough, my throat feels sore and my ears full. ??? I don't know what to think or do.


You are having recurrent URTI, or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. There are a number of causes of recurrent URTI.

The most common are:

Deviated nasal septum: in which the septum dividing your nose into two parts is bent

Sinus infections: A chronic sinus infection causes repeated sore throats when the infected drainage from the sinuses pass through it.

Chronic tonsillitis: When the tonsils become infected chronically, they become a reservoir of bacteria and cause repeated infections.

It is likely that you are having one of these conditions along with the sore throat, and this has led to recurrence.

You can consult your family physician and ask for a throat swab culture and sensitivity test. This will identify the bacteria in yor throat which is causing the recurrent infections and also the antibiotic which will act best against it. By using that antibiotic, you should be able to get rid of this recurrence. However, if it persists, you shoud consult an ENT doctor for this. He/She will be able to diagnose this for you and also cure you by treating your root cause.

You should look up this site:

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