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I recently had a check up. My doctors office just called

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I recently had a check up. My doctors office just called back and told me that my liver enzymes were a little elevated. What does this mean?
Do you drink alcohol and are you on any medications either over the counter or prescription? This will allow me to be of better help to you, thank you.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I hardly ever drink. I do take Paxil CR and I also take Welbutrin as well. I do take Advil when I have a headache. I also take Allegra D for allergies. I'm just a little worried.
Thank you for that information as it allows me to be of better help to you. Elevated liver enzymes can of course be a sign of liver disease depending on how long they stay elevated and how elevated they are even if you have no symptoms but there are also other causes for this as well. Alcohol like I mentioned can cause an elevated count especially if you drank the night before or day before the test, being overweight can cause this to occur so if you do have excess weight it would be a good idea to start an excercise program to lose any additonal weight that you do not need. Other causes can be diabetes but this would have also shown an abnormal result in your glucose level so likely it is not that. Auto-immmune disorders such as disorders of the liver and bile ducts can cause this, and even an excess use of vitamin suppliments as well so there are many things that can cause this. If any of these apply to you then this could be the reason why but also keep in mind that some people do show an elevated liver count and the next test is normal due to one of the above like alcohol, high intake of suppliments or elevated triglycerides. You might also want to have then perform an MRI if they stay elevated as even gallstones can cause this but you do usually have pain. I would recommed that you have them do a fasting test as well with no food or water and keep an eye on it as I can understand your worry but if this is they first time they were elevated and it was not overly high then there is usually a slight cause that can be corrected such as infection so have another test performed fasting and if they are still high I would discuss with your doctor the next step in determning the exact cause,
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