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PaulaNP, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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Experience:  Nurse Practitioner; 36 years experience with adults, geriatrics,and children;Therapist
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There is no blood appearing anywhere else like her stool

Customer Question

there is no blood appearing anywhere else like her stool etc. she has arthritis, low blood pressure as it can't be maintained, has had graves disease due to a bad thyroid, bad lungs. no one can figure out where her blood is going. can anemia be this bad or even an option.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  PaulaNP replied 10 years ago.

Dear Lori,

If you grandmother is not having obvious bleeding, she may have bleeding higher up in the intestines. It may be occult (non visible) or appear as black, tarry stools. I would be concerned if she is taking any arthritis medicines, other than tylenol, as these can cause bleeding in the stomach. The elderly are at high risk for this problem.

The elderly are also prone to not eating well, and can suffer from iron deficiency anemia due to poor nutrition. Her doctor can order blood work and fecal tests for blood. There may be several possible causes for anemia, and a good work-up is in order to find the cause.

Here is some info:


If her doctor cannot find a cause, and treatment is ineffective, request a referral to a hematologist (a blood specialist) or request a 2nd opinion.

I hope this helps and that she feels better soon, Paula