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Pauline, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Medical Doctor & Registered Pharmacist. Worked as Community pharmacist for 17 years.
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I recently developed these oval shaped small bumps spread

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Hi, I recently developed these oval shaped small bumps spread about my abdominal area. Some are slightly red, and there are three on my forearm on the inside of my arm. I would have thought nothing of it, but the thing is i wake up with a new one or two every morning. About three weeks ago I started cleaning my friends and family's houses, and the bumbs started about a week and a half ago. I was wondering if there was any correlation. Please get back to me, because it worries me even though it may be nothing. Thank you,

Hi, can you describe the exact size and appearance of these bumps?

Where is their location on the abdomen?

Are you able to upoad a digital photo?

Do any of the houses you go to have pets?

Do you use any new cleaning products?

How is the rest of your health?

Do you take any medication?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Pauline's Post: The oval bumps always go from side to side, not up and down and besides the three on my arm, and two under my bust line, they are all located right above (and some under) where my pants start. The bumps are mostly flat except for one that pops out more than the others, but this one isnt oval, and its brighter red.
I cannot upload a picture because i do not have a camera.
Two of the houses have pets, but I have been around those pets all my life.
The rest of my health is really good because I actually just turned 18 = ]

I take minocycline 100mg by mouth and I apply tazorac 30mg{I think} to my face. This is only for acne.

It is difficult to differentiate skin bumps without seeing them however we can look at a number of possible causes.

A bright red bump which is raised can be a bacterial infection.

Insect bites also cause bumps and this can be from fleas, as well as mosquito's and other flying insects.

Flat bumps can be fungal infection, sweat rash as well as possible eczema.

Allergic bumps tend to be small and pink/red unless you experience urticaria where you get a large fluid filled bump.

Viral infection would cause small bumps normally, and these would continue to spread over the chest and abdomen.

Taking minocycline then you may be experiencing a skin reaction, especially with summer sunshine but there does not sound enough bumps to be a drug reaction.

As they appear to have started after your new job then I wonder if you are having fungal infection through increased sweating from the activities.

Because I cannot see the bumps I don't want to recommend a particular cream but if you pop into your local pharmacy then the pharmacist will be able to look at the bumps and confirm what the problem is. Otherwise you will need to see your doctor.

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