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D. Baron, MD
D. Baron, MD, Doctor (MD)
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I have constant right arm pain in the bicep, elbow, wrist

Resolved Question:

I have constant right arm pain in the bicep, elbow, wrist and fore-arm. The arm feels really weak almost seems like a nerve problem, pain is some what like constant sore muscles but does not hurt when squeezed or touched. The pain has been on-going for 2 to 2 1/2 months now. Pain is less when real active, hurt worse when not active and the on start of my morning. No recent injuries or activity that would on set this problem I can think of. Seems like one day I just woke up my arm really hurt. I'm 48 yrs of age, male, no other symptoms, other limbs feel fine. I can use the arm and have good flexibility and movement; however, more pain in certain positions.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  D. Baron, MD replied 10 years ago.
Is the pain at the elbow toward the body or the part of the elbow that is away from the body? Is the pain in the forearm on the front side (side of the elbow crease) or the back side? Is the wrist pain on the palm side or the back side? Do you have neck pain? Does the pain go into the hand? Into the fingers? If so, which ones?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to D. Baron, MD's Post: The problem is only on my right side (I'm right hand).

The elbow pain is in around the sides (parallel to the joint) and ball (backside of the elbow), I can push on the outside of elbow just above the joint (or ball) and the joint is very sore.

The forearm pain is front side (palm side) and sides (parallel to the joint).

The wrist pain is palms side.

I had a little bit of neck pain when this whole thing started but, I do not have any neck pain now. My inside shoulder blade hurts a little, I can feel the muscle tighten a little when I'm not active.

The pain does go down my thumb on the inside of my wrist to the top side of my thumb, above the second joint.

The backside of my upper arm is also sore.

I usually deal with pain fairly well, if I get cut or bruise it usually goes unnoticed but this pain is like a constant dull reminder(not real sharp pain). The symptoms have been going on so long (2-2 1/2 months) I little worried I have a serious problem.

Again, I still am able to work and do most things, my right arm is still very flexible, and it usually feels better the more activity. The pain gets worst when I sit idle.
Expert:  D. Baron, MD replied 10 years ago.
It sounds like it may be due to a cervical (neck) disk problem. If I were your doctor, I'd order a cervical MRI and refer you to a neurologist for an electrical nerve test called an EMG/NCV (electromyogram/nerve conduction velocity). The initial treatment of disk disease is with anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. You probably need a prescription strength anti-inflammatory. My patients usually did well on Celebrex (in spite of the well known possible cardiovascular risks). There are several others that also work well. Epidural steroids are also helpful. 80% of patients respond to conservative measures and don't require surgery. I hope that this was helpful.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Boy you would think if I had disk problem with my neck I would have know I hurt my neck in a activity. I sleep and work as tech nothing to tough that would cause a neck injury. But sounds like I need to see the Doc.
Expert:  D. Baron, MD replied 10 years ago.
You might think so, but many disk herniations occur without specific injury. You are also at an age where degenerative disease is common and it could also be a bone spur irritating a nerve root. Degenerative disease is from getting older. It's a terrible thing to think that getting older would carry a "disease" lable. I guess life is a "disease". Yes, you should see a doc.