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My wife,, had her 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae fused July,

Resolved Question:

My wife, Susan, had her 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae fused July, 2005, with 2 replacement donor bone discs inserted at the same time. She has had continuous pain since the surgery in Amarillo, TX eventhough MRI's (three of them) allegedly reflect no problems with the surgery results. Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to what we should pursue in order to reduce or alleviate her pain?

She's had physical therapy, accupuncture and epidural steroidal injections (2 series on 7/7/06 and 7/14/06 of 2 injections each) in the affected area. These left her with tremors and she's taking medication for this problem

She is allergic to 98% of pain medications including the ...cets family, codeine, etc. Would botox help? We have a friend who had similar pain with her neck surgery results and has had no pain for over 2 years following botox injections. Are botox injections dangerous and involve an abnormal amount of risk?

Thank you very much for your response and God bless you
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  D. Baron, MD replied 10 years ago.
If all the pain is neck pain and not radicular pain (arm pain) Botox might be a reasonable thing to try. Botox is pretty expensive and that is not an "FDA approved" use of the medication, so insurance may not pay for it. If given properly, it should be relatively safe. Neurologists have been using it for a long time to treat dystonia (torticollis). A few years ago it started being used with success in treating migraine headaches. It seems reasonable to me to try using it for post surgical muscle spasm in the cervical spine. It may need to be repeated every 3 months or so, depending on the response. The trick is going to be finding a neurologist to give it for an "off label" use. I hope that this was helpful
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