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Dr A Gupta
Dr A Gupta, Doctor (MD)
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Experience:  MD Internal Medicine, Internist with over 12 years of urgent care/outpatient experience.
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I'm having achy chest pain and have been throwing up most of

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I'm having achy chest pain and have been throwing up most of the day. When I throw up it becomes unbearable and my body starts convulsing from the pain. It's not uncommon for me to have a dull chest pain. Is this something that is related to my heart or maybe heartburn? It's not a burning's more of an ache and tightness with shortness of breath. I'm a 27 year old female so I can't imagine that it would be something serious. Thanks.

Your symptoms are most consisent with acid reflux disease resulting in irritation and inflammation of food pipe (esophagous). Given the prolonged and chronic nature of dull pain heart problem is unlikely. However your doctor may still decide to do an EKG in the office for the record.

Reflux disease or heartburn can present as variety of symptoms like sharp to dull and vague pains, cough, vomiting, stomach upset, shortness of breath, sleep difficuilties etc. However there was an older patient with several other risk factors with your symptoms, a more agressive approach to identify and rule out a heart disease would have been appropriate.

In your case a trial of antacids like zantec, ranitidine should be tried.

I hope this helps.

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