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V. Yetimyan   M.D.
V. Yetimyan M.D., Doctor
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Can a pinched nerve cause both arms to lose feeling, feel

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Can a pinched nerve cause both arms to lose feeling, feel numb (almost feels like a circulation or vascular problem).   Arms fall asleep, fingers fall asleep, doctor said it was a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel (sending him for a nerve conduction study) But that's costing us $600 and a pinched nerve just don't sound like it could attribute to the problems my husband is having.


It sounds like he may have a pinched nerve in his neck due to herniated disk or a degenerative disc disease or a spinal stenosis. Please answer the questions below so i can do a better evaluation of his problem and give you my answer to your question.

How long he has these symptoms going on ?

Does he has any other symptoms?

What kind of work he does?

Does he have any neck pain, diabetes , high cholesterol, heart disease, under active thyroid or any other medical illness ?

Does he smoke or drink alcoholic beverages?

Is he taking any medication on regular bases?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to V. Yetimyan   M.D.'s Post: Thank you for replying. My husband is 42, very strong, fit, 180 pounds, worked for 21 years as a stucco man, so that's where the shoulder injury comes into play. He's been having shoulder problems for 10+ years, like a bursitis type thing. It has eventually caused him to stop working in the stucco/construction industry because it hurts his arms so bad. But the problem with them falling asleep and fingers has been within the last 4-6 months. He hasn't worked in over a year and physically has not handled the stucco appliation for longer than that because of the pain (was just overseeing the work) We were thinking the removal of the physical work would make him better. We've recently moved to a new house and he does a lot of work around the house, yard work, but that's been for the past month. He says if he keeps going, his arms keep circullation in them. If he stops, they tend to go to sleep. And now he's worn himself out. We don't have a lot of money to throw away on a nerve conduction study so that's why I wanted to know if these symptoms sounded even remotely like it could come from a pinched nerve. Otherwise, he's very healthy. He does not drink, he's not a smoker. He tries to take anti-inflammatory meds and Tylenol (of course that doesn't work) And he's scared to take anything to help him sleep because waking up and getting feeling back in arms and fingers is very painful. I can't stand to see him like this and don't know where to start. The doctor here recommended nerve conduction study and physical therapy, and to me physical therapy would not make a difference because he's too active right now in my opinion. He's getting exercise to those areas definately because he doesn't want them to go to sleep. HELP. Other doctors just try to give him pain meds like Lortab and that doesn't help anything long term. I would be happy to start with nerve conduction studies if this sounded to you like an avenue worth persuing. Can a pinched nerve cause all this?


Yes , a pinched nerve can cause all of these. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Pinched nerve in the neck and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome needs to be ruled out. Since he is otherwise healty i doubt if it is a circulation problem. Swelling of the hands could be due to increased gravity pressure . He can prevent the swelling of the hands by slightly elevating the arms by putting a pillow under the arms when he goes to sleep at night. Nerve conduction study is definitely an avenue worth persuing. For detailed information about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Pinched nerve in the neck and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome please click the links just below:

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