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Writing prescriptions that require excessive efforts for a

Customer Question

writing prescriptions that require excessive efforts for a senior citizen to get his medications.four prescriptions in one month,doctor couldn't get it right,then withholding information to insurance co. to make it impossible to get approval from ins. com.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Family Physician replied 10 years ago.
Can you give me more details on what you mean "that requires excessive efforts for senior citizen to get his medications"?

What information was withheld?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Family Physician's Post: the information withheld concerned my insurance number ,etc. wasn't faxed to the insurance company in a proper and expedited manner which entailed me to keep going back for refills of my substitute pain medication while waiting for approval of the this new medication which was forced on to me by my doctor.I realized this because after a month of going back and forth to the pharmicies I went to the doctors office and forced the head nurse to fax the info. (after calling ins. co. to find out if they ever received the initial faxed over information for approval of the meds ,which they hadn't )while watching her do this and within hours I was approved and received my new meds.The doctor and I had a discussion and he told me to go find another doctor as i was to disruptive to his office staff.
Expert:  Kerry replied 10 years ago.


Since the doctor appears to be off line I will attempt to help you. The doctor can also add his comments when he logs on.

The first thing I would do is write a letter to the clinic in which you go to. Write down the facts and try to keep the emotion out of it. Being angry only puts them on the defensive, and the calmer you can be, the more they will listen.

This may be due to a breakdown in processes in the doctors office rather than the doctor himself, and they will need to look at their process and see where this can be fixed so it doesn't happen again.

Your next move might be to report this to your local health department. They will perfom an investigation to help find where the breakdown in communication occurred.


Expert:  Family Physician replied 10 years ago.
The advice that Kerry gave you is excellent. I will say - that part of the fault is the INSURANCE company - that puts in place restrictions, policies, and other barriers which restrict physicians from writing the medications they feel are necessary for their patients.

Patients get upset when the doctor doesn't get something done (faxing forms, calling for pre-certification, etc). Physician offices are SWAMPED with requests for all of this clerical work which is NOT related to patient care - and is caused by the insurance company policy.

You need to direct your anger more at the insurance company which prevented your doctor from writing this medication without forms being faxed. Place the blame where it started, not on the office which is NOT paid for these additional clerical functions.

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