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How do I treat head lice for a 6 month old baby

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1st: Baby should be examined by a pediatrician, to confirm that it's head lice.

2nd: Here are NPA Treatment guidelines: [I excerpted from NPA site]

The best way to get rid of the critters, according to the National Pediculosis Association (NPA), is also the most basic: by removing the lice and nits manually. Here's how:

  • Use your fingers, or a nit comb if your baby has enough hair to warrant it. The NPA sells a comb called the LiceMeister [great device!], designed according to the latest research. With rounded teeth nearly twice as long as other lice combs, it gets all the way through thick hair without painful tugging. You can order one from the NPA website at or by calling(NNN) NNN-NNNNin the United States.
  • Work in a well-lighted area to make the nits and lice easier to spot. Some parents say the best place is outdoors in the sunlight, weather permitting. A strong pair of nonprescription reading glasses, available at most drugstores, can be an invaluable tool.
  • Divide hair into sections with clips and go through it section by section. Have a container of hot, soapy water next to you and use it to clean the nits and lice off the comb frequently.
  • Some parents report that using oil on the hair makes it easier to comb out the nits, while others say it makes the nits harder to see.
  • Nits more than half an inch from the scalp are usually empty shells that don't need to be removed - but you'll probably want to get rid of them anyway.
  • Continue to check your baby's scalp thoroughly and use your fingers or a nit comb to remove any lice and nits every three or four days for several weeks.
  • Check all other family members (adults and kids) for lice and nits as well, and follow the same removal procedure as soon as you spot trouble. There's no need to treat pets, because human lice don't live on animals.

ANY prescription meds need to be used with extreme caution in babies--pls consult w/ your pediatrician to see if meds are indicated [will depend on severity & specifics of your case].


Hope this helps--Good luck!


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--Dr. Steve, M.D./FABFP (Your Online Family Doctor)



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